Celebrate EVE Online's 8th With A Can Of Quafe

eveonline_8thbirthday_quafe_zero_booster_informationActive accounts on EVE Online received a six-pack of Quafe Zero cola today to celebrate the eighth birthday of the game. The consumable has booster-like properties with no negative side effects. (Drug-like boosters, illegal in high security space, I believe, all have negative after effects of some kind.) The Quafe Zero drink is a consumable that gives a 5% speed boost and a 5% increase in scanning ability for the user. Not bad for a freebie.

For full details, see the dev blog entry.

Anonymous Note Left On Compromised Sony Server

The PlayStation Blog continues its hit series of posts on the data breach at Sony Computer Entertainment -- not to be confused with the breach at Sony Online Entertainment earlier this week -- with a note as to what Sony's answers were to the US House of Representatives' questions.

Among them is one little tasty little tidbit:

"We discovered that the intruders had planted a file on one of our Sony Online Entertainment servers named “Anonymous” with the words “We are Legion.”"

Ones to Watch: PS3, PSP for May 2011

The elephant in the room as May begins is, of course, the PSN downtime, but Sony expects to have the majority of its features back in gear this week. It's not clear if the Store will be coming back quickly, however, and it's hard to tell what the loss of two intervals of updates will do to the titles originally slated to appear.

May does look pretty good for the console, but very thin for the handheld. Things must be gearing up for the NGP later this year – I see it's already got a place on a face button on the PS Blog alongside the PS3, PSP, and PSN.

The PSN Outage Headlines Are Getting Ugly

psn_logo_pixelatedI'm not one to throw stones at service outages -- computer systems will have problems from time to time -- but when I fired up my PS3 for the first time in a week to check the Store and play online and found myself kicked off the PSN repeatedly I was miffed. For VoodooExtreme it's downright ugly: PSN Goes Down like a $10 Whore. Yikes.

The PS Blog today reiterated that yes, they are still having service problems and no, they don't yet know when it'll be back to normal. They even went so far as to say it may be a full day or two.

Am I totally wrong in thinking their integration with Steam for the launch of Portal 2 might in some way have caused this little snafu? Microsoft may be sitting off in their tall green tower smiling smugly at Sony being so eager to connect to those heathen, unwashed PC Steam gamers... who are totally cool if they want to pre-purchase Fable III on Steam, you know.

From Aeropause.

Two Aragami Too Many

The massive tiger-like Valjra leapt down the ruined city block, slammed into Tatsumi, knocking her out, and spun 180 degrees to get ready to charge again. Soma was flat on the ground off to my right, also unconscious, and I downed a restore pill to get some health back. We can do this, I thought as Gina, up on a chunk of building to one side flipped her large blade into gun mode and took potshots at the feline Aragami. We just have to be cautious, be more defensive-- Just then my communicator blared and the mission timer overlay started ticking down from five minutes.

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