Star Trek Online To Boldly Go Free To Play In 2011

startrekonline_logoStar Trek Online is going to be taking a big-ticket sci-fi licensed MMO into free to play territory sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, beating sci-fi heavyweight EVE Online to the punch. It's not that EVE has even talked about being free to play -- their item store generated such a furor that its customer base just might have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a f2p model -- but there are likely plans on the drawing board for such a move. There have to be.

This also makes us scratch or heads over what Knights of the Old Republic will end up doing. Maybe a WOW-style free to play where you get the first 20 levels free and need to subscribe to get into the good stuff? Either way, paying for a boxed copy of a game seems so archaic. I could definitely see CCP dropping the initial setup fee for EVE as part of a f2p model down the road. You want more people to try your game, even if it's a pared back version of it. Otherwise how will they get hooked?

The Star Trek Online announcement was carried over on Evil Avatar and more details on what subscription "gold" and free to play "silver" players will be able to do is on the main site.

Whirlybird Nerd Alert: Take On Helicopters Box Art

I'm a helicopter fan, but not much of a sim fan these days. I wasn't able to deal with the controls in the demo for the recent Apache Air Assault -- and believe me I tried. I'm much more comfortable flying with arcade controls over Liberty City or the island nation of Panau. I'm holding out hope that Take On Helicopters, in development at Bohemia Interactive, will offer enough flexibility and friendliness in the controls department to keep me entranced.

New box art was announced for the game, which I noticed over at EvilAvatar. Why isn't it shown here? Because it's not really all that good compared to the other screen shots available at the game's site. A video also on the site from GamesCom note an October 2011 release date for the game.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Stifled By GameStop

deusexhr_1Nowadays we’re used to Gamestop’s pre-opening of video games and taping them shut to avoid returns, something that former frequent contributor James called our attention to originally. News today that Gamestop employees are being told to open the PC copy of Deus Ex Human Revolution and throw away the coupon that gives users free access to the OnLive version of the game is meddling in the extreme.

Notch Offers To Shotgun The Scrolls Snafu

Bethesda recently filed suit to stop Mojang from using the name Scrolls for their next game, citing it as being too close to their “The Elder Scrolls” series. Markus “Notch” Persson was surprised by this, but the lawyers have been engaged and the long, slow, and no doubt expensive turning of legal gears has begun.

Notch came back in a jovial mood from his wedding and posted a good-natured challenge to Bethesda, offering to settle the matter with a Quake 3 competition.

CrazyKinux Going Into Suspended Animation

crazykinux_musing_500pxAfter posting on his blog that he was searching for someone to take the reins of the EVE Blog Pack and the EVE Blog Banter, CrazyKinux has decided to leave the EVE blogging community to do their own thing and finally hang up his spurs as one of the leading voices of the EVE Online blogging community as well.

His recent move to Director of Development for the video game company Behaviour Interactive along with parental responsibilities seemed to be taking up more of his time, and while he plans to continue playing EVE as well as other games, he's making a new start by basically closing up the blog and his @crazykinux twitter account.

The soft-spoken CK first joined us over three years ago on Aeropodcast Episode 36 to talk about the Drone Bay Podcast he was part of back then, and he later went on to wish us well on Episode 50 and continue his rise to internet fame as one of the more public faces of the EVE player community.

Good luck CrazyKinux, and maybe I'll see you fly by in EVE someday or give your Corp a try. It's just that 99% tax rate that I have a hard time getting past.

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