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DICE Gifts Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Battle for Hastings Map for PS3, 360 after PC Gamers Earn It

battlefield_bad_company_2Just before the end of 2010 the PC players of the Vietnam expansion to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 unlocked the Battle for Hastings map for their platform. DICE has apparently relented and unlocked the map for the PS3 and Xbox 360 without having them reach the 69 million team action requirement to do so. This was done with a pleasant Happy New Year message to their loyal fans.

Joystiq's writeup mentions that at the time of the unlock the PS3 had 34 million actions and the Xbox 360 had 46 million actions earned. Those aren't poor numbers, but it's the rate of new actions that's key. I ran some numbers using our original post about this challenge and I suspect it's a little bit of the numbers combined with some marketing that led to this decision. Let's take a look.

Free Red Dead Redemption Outfits Coming Oct 12th

While my wife doesn't really like the *chunk*sqwitchy*sqwitchy*squitchy* *shiff*shiff*sha*shiff*shiff* sound of my particular John Marsden opening up and skinning a fresh killed deer, raccoon, armadillo, coyote, wolf, boar, or cougar. Or horse...that was definitely already dead...when I got there.

Over Already: The Stunt Button Solution

just_cause_2_ps3Last night I parachuted back into Panau to cause some more mayhem. I'm over 18 hours into Just Cause 2, and it took me a while to fully understand how the developers solved a crucial problem with sandbox games with the stunt mode. Simply put, pushing circle by any vehicle puts Rico on top of it, but not driving (or flying) it.

Over Already: Welcome To Panau

just_cause_2_ps3Another weekend in the bag, but what kind of bag was it? Did it involve much stabbing, blood and brutal kills? Or maybe you grappled across rooftops, popping open a parachute to glide up and over an obstacle in search of upgrades helpfully stored in shiny boxes visible day and night? Maybe a little of both?

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