Minecraft Nabs Five GDC Awards, C418's Soundtrack Released

c418_minecraft_volume_alpha_cover_artMojang's debut title from Markus Persson, the indie hit Minecraft, earned a slew of impressive awards this week at the Game Developers Conference and the related Indie Game Fest. Notch (Markus) was on hand to stammer incredulously and nervously while accepting the awards. That's how you can tell he didn't think he was really going to win, folks.

At the Indie Game Fest, Minecraft won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and the Audience Award.

At the GDC proper, up against industry titans like Rockstar Games and their zillion-selling Red Dead Redemption (which got Game of the Year at GDC), Minecraft did very, very well. It won Innovation, Best Downloadable Game, and Best Debut Game.

Also, C418 is the author of the music for Minecraft, as well as many of the sound effects, and the official soundtrack Minecraft Volume Alpha has been released on Bandcamp for just USD$3.99, which is quite a steal. Some of it consists of music thematically similar to the game but not released as part of the game, but the telltale, signature haunting and beautiful tracks are all in there. Notch (Markus) of Mojang has said that all of the money from those sales on Bandcamp goes to C418, so you can know you're directly supporting the artist there.

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